Many existing, old, long-standing, as well as new, commissioned sites or industrial sites require visual inspection and possibly technical expertise. With the appropriate hardware (cameras, drones, laser scanners) and software, it is possible to implement a three-dimensional model of the reality of the object, which can then be used for surveying in a computerized environment without having to re-enter the object. To use this model effectively, a variety of software is available: a free viewing tool, professional desktop software, and an online model management system. The main features that such a solution offers are:

- Regular visualization of the subject's position with the aid of a drone, camera or laser scanner;
- Creation of a 3D model of the object;
- Tracking changes in nature and site on the Internet by connecting to a server through a browser;
- Visual examination of the object and determination of its parameters by means of appropriate software tools;
- Simplified measurement and analysis with a free tool (coordinates can be measured, distances measured, volumes calculated).

Combined solutions can be used to create a high-quality 3D model: photo fixation combined with laser scanning (defects and small details can be seen).
The resulting model can be used as a basis for design work or for detailed analysis using professional CAD software. Models published in the Internet environment can be integrated into other BIM, GIS or project management systems.