The Centre of Products Certification is accredited according to the requirements of standard LVS EN ISO/IEC 17065 (accreditation number LATAK-S1-239).
We are officially recognized to make conformity assessments of products and issue certificates of conformity. Our competence is approved by the European Commission. Notifed body number 1407).
Certificates and conformity reports of TÜV Rheinland group – LRTDEA are recognized in all the member states of the European Union, as well as in other countries of the world.

We offer certification of simple pressure vessels for storage of air and nitrogen to requirements of Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia No. 207 of 12.04. 2016 “Regulations for simple pressure vessels” and requirements of EU Directive 2014/29/EC (SPVD) “Simple pressure vessels”:

• EU-type examination ЕС проверка типа (module B (production) and module B (design));

• Conformity to type (module C, module C1, module C2).

We offer certification of pressure equipment and its assemblies (vessels, cryogenic gas storage tanks, receivers, technological pipelines, boiler equipment, gas stations to requirements of Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia No. 348 of 07.06. 2016 “Requirements for equipment operating under pressure and its assemblies” and requirements of EU Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED):

• Internal production checks plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals Module A2;

• EU-Type examination – Production type (Module B);

• EU-Type examination – Design type (Module B);

• Conformity to Type based on internal production control plus supervised pressure equipment checks at random intervals (Module C2);

• Conformity to Type based on pressure equipment verification (Module F);

• Conformity based on Unit verification (Module G).

We offer certification of tanks to requirements of Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia No. 339 of 25.04. 2006 “Regulations on requirements for design, installation, conformity assessment and market surveillance of storage tanks for hazardous chemical substances and chemical preparations (products)”:

• Prefabricated tanks, including:

– type examination for tanks (p.4.2.);

– design examination for tanks (p.4.3.);

– verification for tanks (p.4.4.);

– unit verification for tanks (p.4.5.).

• Tanks to be built on the construction site, including:

– expertise of construction project (p.4.6.);

– construction supervision and conformity assessment (p.4.7).

We offer certification of lifts to requirements of Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia No. 206 of 05.04.2016 “Regulations for assessing compliance of design, production and installation of lifts and safety components for lifts” and to requirements of EU Directive 2014/33/EU (Lifts) relating to lifts and safety components for lifts:

• Conformity based on verification for lifts (Module G).

Certification is carried out according to the Regulation of the Cabinet of Ministers No 145 on Regulation of Phytosanitary Measures of Wood Packaging Material and Their Implementation Procedures and standard ISPM No. 15 “REGULATION OF WOOD PACKAGING MATERIAL IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE” requirements.

• Heat treatment process of wooden packaging materials (Chapter 5).

We offer conformity assessment of machinery equipment and mechanisms to requirements EU Directive 2006/42/EU (MD) and issuance conformity report. (exclusion – IV Annex Machinery Directive).

Expert conformity report on compliance electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits EU Directive 2014/35/ES (LVD).

Expert conformity report on compliance EU Directive 2014/30/ЕU “Electromagnetic compatibility” (EMC)(exclusion – Module B).

We offer a wide range of services on voluntary certification of different products in accordance with international standards.

As a result of the certification there is issued a certificate of conformity / conformity report / test report, based on which the customer is entitled to label the assessed products with TÜV Rheinland mark.

TÜV Rheinland mark provides facilitates access of the enterprises to international markets by increasing their competitiveness and recognizability.

We work with standards:

• EN 16630 – Permanently installed outdoor fitness equipment. Safety requirements and test methods;

• EN 1177 – Impact attenuating playground surfacing – Determination of critical fall height;

• and other.

The certification center specialists also worked successfully in the European Union notified body TÜV Rheinland Industrie Service GmbH (notification number 0035). Its enable Latvian manufacturers to offer their products on the European Union market with a well-known company test symbol, as well as to certify in areas where there is no certification body in the Republic of Latvia.